Tips For Non Profit Organisations On How to Retain Volunteers

Non-profit organisations depend on volunteers to help in the day to day running of activities around their programmes. For most of them, the struggle is always on how to attract and retain the volunteers. Some of the tips they can use to reduce the number of volunteers leaving the organisation are:

Make Them Feel Appreciated

Every human wants to feel appreciated. No matter the job they do, volunteers want to feel that someone is recognising the work they are doing, and is willing to appreciate them for every effort that they are putting. You can appreciate the volunteers by giving them a stipend, or even by word of mouth. Sometimes, just calling a volunteer and telling them you appreciate their work is enough.

Maintain a Good Track Record

Volunteers want to work with an organisation that has integrity and one that lives to their mandate. If you keep getting embroiled in scandals, it is likely that the volunteers will leave for better places. They would not want to be associated with an organisation that has a tainted image.

Give Them Responsibilities

The main reason why people volunteer is for them to be helpful in supporting a cause. They come with different talents and goals. Support them by giving them responsibilities and work to do so that they do not feel like you did not need them in the first place. Before you start a drive to get volunteers, you should know what every single one of them is coming to do.

Make Them Feel They Are Part of the Team

Even though most of the volunteer opportunities are temporary, you should not keep reminding the volunteers that they are leaving soon. Instead, make them feel like they are an appreciated part of the team. Involve them in the activities that you are doing for the organisation.