Leisure Activities to Do While Attending a Fundraiser

You should always try to attend a fundraiser if you are in a position to. Giving your money to charity, or being a part of an event that has been organised to raise funds is a way of giving back to the community. Most people always shy off from attending these events because they feel they will get bored or tired. Some of the activities you can do while attending a fundraiser are:


This can be before or after the main event has started. You can reach out to the other participants and talk to them. You will be surprised at how much you can learn from talking to other people. You can even create lifelong friendships with the people you meet at the fundraiser. Try to interact with as many people as possible so that you spread your networks.

Play Online Games

If you realise you are beginning to drift off, or when there is a break and you do not know what to do, you should play online casino games on your phone. Games such as online pokies or others that keep you engaged serve as a good distraction. You can even catch up with games that are being streamed live.

Catch up on Social Media

You can take a few minutes off and check your social media platforms to see what your friends and the world are doing. Logging into sites like Twitter and Facebook can lighten up your mood if you follow the right people. You can also use the time to update your social media status.

Watch People

This might sound like a strange thing, but you can learn a lot of things about humans if you spend some time watching them. Of course, you should avoid making long uncomfortable stares that make people around you to think you are strange and weird.