How Nonprofit Organisations Can Raise Funds

One of the areas where non-profit organisations find challenges is getting innovative and sustainable ways to raise funds. These could be funds to run a particular project or to uphold the future of the organisation. Some of the ways that non-profit organisations can raise funds are:


Non-profit organisations can hold events such as having a marathon or a talk to motivate other people to raise money. These events can be in the form of selling merchandise like t-shirts and other products, and the money raised is channelled to the activities of the organisation. For an event to be successful, the planning needs to be done in advance to ensure maximum participation.


One of the ways of raising funds for non-profit organisations is to work with a celebrity or someone who is renowned to help them in marketing and bringing more people to donate funds. The person doing the endorsement can either become the face of the organisation or be contracted specifically for a particular event.

Seeking for Donors

Most non-profit organisations always look for donors to support their programs. The donors can be individuals who have the means, or organisations that support projects that are in line with their objectives. Itis not out of the norm to have more than one source of donor funding.


Crowdsourcing is becoming a common way to raise money in the digital age. Sites such as GoFundMe have become a popular avenue for non-profit organisations to reach out to the public and ask for funds. They can be seasonal, to support a particular cause, or spread for a long time.

Use of Social Media

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become an active place where social non-profit organisations can tap in to ask for funding. They can create targeted messages or create their own page that is specifically for fundraising.