How Non Profit Organisations Can Interest Donors For Funding

Most non-profit organisations depend on donor funding to stay afloat. The challenge for most of them, especially the ones that are just starting out, is always to find a donor that will get interested in their projects and want to put their finances on it. Some of the ways non-profit organisations can interest donors into funding them are:

Write a Clear Proposal

What attracts donors into supporting an organisation or a cause is what is in the proposal that they submit. The proposal should list the objectives, how much money they want from the donors, and how they will spend every coin of it. The proposal should also show how the community will benefit from the program or project they plan to execute.

Know the Donors

Before organisations submit their proposal to the donors, they must first understand the scope of the donors’ mandates. They should also know the range that the donors always have when they are awarding funding. There are some organisations that can give millions in grants and donations while some have a very limited budget.

Have a Clean Record

It goes without saying that most donors would not want to support an organisation that has been involved in scandalous activities. There are some donors who may even want to audit the books of the organisations they intend to support just to ensure that they have properly used the funding they have gotten before.

Have Objectives that Champion Change

The reason why donors dedicate their funds to organisations is to bring change in the community they are living in. They want to feel like their money is going towards making the community a better place to live in. That is why objectives should clearly state how people will benefit, and why the project or program that they are engaged in matters.