I want to participate but I can't make it to one of the main events/I'm in a youth group. What can I do?

No worries! You can still register and fundraise but participate offsite. Just make sure you choose "Offsite" as your option in the registration form. We'll send you your own event pack and you can sleep outside in your car, on your lawn or in a group at your own location. Have a good read of our offsite guide for all the information.

Is there a registration cut-off date?

The final cut off for registration will be 8 October, however each individual event may closer off earlier when the maximum participation numbers are reached. So if you're keen to take part, register early - this will also help your fundraising efforts.

What do I need to bring on the night?

Bring your warm clothes, sleeping bag and any essential items such as medicines and a head torch. We'll provide everything else you'll need such as modest food for dinner and breakfast and your cardboard. If you have opted to sleep on a couch or in a car you will need to organise this.

Will there be food offered or available to purchase?

Simple food and hot drinks will be available for all participants but if you have very specific dietary requirements you may want to bring your own food.  

What is the programme/structure for the evening?

While each event location around the country adopts a slightly different programme for the evening, all will begin with registration, setting up your sleepout space and sharing simple food from 6pm. After a formal powhiri you'll hear from those involved in helping the homeless in their community before engaging in team based activities. In some locations a film exploring the issue of homelessness may be shown.

Are the venue and sites wheelchair accessible? 

As each event location and programme is different it is best to check with your local event organiser to confirm wheelchair accessibility.

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