Support Wellington's women experiencing homelessness

The Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust is a group of volunteers who want to make a difference by supporting homeless women in Central Wellington. These women present with vulnerabilities, have nowhere to call home and need support and time to make a difference to their lives. The Trust was set up to help women who find themselves in this position and want to turn their lives around. It took nearly four years of planning and fundraising before the Trust could open our inner city accommodation in July 2013 and it has been busy ever since.

The Trust provides short-term accommodation with support and advocacy for women on their own who find themselves in a position of being homeless and wish to re-establish themselves. We work in collaboration with other social services to offer services including access to doctors, drug and alcohol treatment, mental and social health where needed. This support is designed to help the women transition into feeling more confident about their situation and move into safe sustainable housing if that is their wish.

Register here to participate in the Wellington Homeless Women's Trust's 14 Hours Homeless event. You can join us at the hosted event or host your own event offsite and raise money for our project. If you are unable to participate but would like to support our project, you might like to make a donation to our cause.

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