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The Wellington Night Shelter is open 365 days a year. We offer crisis and transitional accommodation with support, for men experiencing homelessness. Over the past 12 months more than 300 men have accessed our short-term crisis accommodation, medium term transitional accommodation and/or housing support services. 

Register here to participate in the Night Shelter's 14 Hours Homeless event. You can join us at the hosted event or host your own event offsite and raise money for our project. If you are unable to participate but would like to support our project, you might like to make a donation to our cause.

1) Our Crisis Accommodation provides 23 cubicle style spaces and is a first point of contact for our guests, who are often in crisis situations. This accommodation provides a good night’s rest and a chance to start the self-care process again and offers the WNS team the opportunity to start to understand the guests needs.

2) Our Transitional Accommodation offers 22 private single bedrooms and semi-independent living with shared facilities. Staff assist the guests by addressing underlying support needs and helping the men to rebuild their life skills in preparation for moving back into long-term housing. This service is supported in particular by the placement of our in-house social worker.

Our staff engage with all guests in ways that encourage and support their journey towards accessing and maintaining safe, appropriate, sustainable housing – in the context of where each man ‘is at.’  We work in close partnership with other support agencies. Initially some guests may require quite intensive assistance to ensure that they are accessing the services and receiving support that they need and are entitled to. But by “move-on” our goal is that guests are engaging with appropriate professional and natural supports independently and that this support will follow them to their new accommodation, thus reducing the instances of the “revolving door”.

You donation will assist us in our journey towards demonstrating best practice in emergency housing. By growing the capacity and capability of our staff to provide ‘wrap-around’, professional, culturally responsive services, we will be better able to support our guests to achieve their goals and find safe, suitable, long-term housing. 

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